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For nearly 25 years, Sun Valley Nut has been buying, processing and selling California almonds from our headquarters in Stanislaus County, one of the largest almond producing regions in the world. Collectively, the company management has over 100 years of experience in all levels of agriculture from farming to further food processing. Steve Warda, the company’s founder and president, is a third generation California orchard-farmer. Personally, he has been involved in agriculture for 34 years and managing fresh fruit and nut packing operations since 1982.




Sunland Farming is our sister company that provides excellence in tree-nut farming, managing and investing.  From purchasing land and planting an orchard to selling the finished product, together Sunland Farming and Sun Valley Nut are a complete tree-nut solution.  For more information please visit

California’s abundant sunshine, warm summers, and cool winters, make it the ideal location to grow more than 80% of the world’s almonds.  Almonds are the United States’ leading export crop, worth nearly 2.5 billion dollars annually. Even as farmers continue to plant almonds, demand continues to grow.

Equipped with multiple sorting, processing and packing lines, we offer a smart post-production solution for tens of millions of pounds of whole meats, in-shell, and manufactured nuts.

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